Dalè o said what?!?
Dalè O tries out the new Ben Hogan Golf Edge EX Game improvement Irons!
After I posted an Instagram story stating that I had received the New Ben Hogan Golf Edge EX Game Improvement iron to try out, the Direct Messages started flowing in of interest to know what I thought. So I figured I would share here for all to see. Why me? I’m no pro, so why me? I say because there are more ME’s in this golf industry, then there are “pros aka scratch golfers”. I’m the have fun, throw some back, and score in the 80s type of golfer. In saying that, here we go I have attached the video of the range session below, where I hit the Edge EX, I miss-hit the Edge EX on purpose, & I hit the Edge along side my PTX Pros. With the Edge EX, they are “Game Improvement” irons with the cavity back. Personally nothing made me happier many years back when I left the cavity back for the smaller muscle back. But in going back to the cavity and hitting these irons I must say they felt clean off the face, and even in trying to miss-hit them, coming off clean with good shots still the result, I must say I will definitely recommend the Edge EX Irons to my friends and followers that are starting out or even still in the early stages of their game all the way upto a mid handicap! These clubs perform! Now, in saying the above, I am truly madly in love with my PTX PROS, and will not be leaving them for the Edge EX myself. Watch the video below and even after hitting some really nice shots with the EX’s, nothing brings a smile to my face like my PTX Pros! I feel like I found my gold in them! With Ben Hogan, you have the advantage to actually demo these clubs and find which are right for you !!!! So don’t just take my word for it, go on the Ben Hogan Golf site & start the process! Happy Golfing MiGente !!!! dalè
@iDaleeeO Aug 30, 2021